Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hampton Court Palace

Hi Friends from New York City came kids two of them one girl my age and one boy johns age the names were Bridget and Michel we went to hey if I ever say HCP that means Hampton court palace
ok it was a long way to HCP a a 26 minute tube ride ( subway )  then 40 minute bus ride but the Palace was fun they had reenactments every where and the kitchens were fun we went to the cafe and we had delicious food then we did a race in to the center Kids v Adults we won then we did 1 more race with just kid on 1 me and Bridget we were the first in the center last race on 3 Michel and on 5 John I couldn't find the center so I came out the way we came in.

Hampton Court Palace

King Henry VIII kitchens

The Maze

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hello New Readers

Friday, September, 5, 2014.

Hello my name is Christine I am 8 years old and I began blogging when I was 4 years old.

 I have been living in New York since I was 4 and in 2013 my mother was offered a job in London for a year or so and finnally we were of to London  so my blog tells you about visitors, traveling, and what we do in London.

And I have a brother John.

Love Chrissy.

PS: Chrissy is my nickname or what people call me sometimes.


Friday September 5 2014.

Hi, you might be wondering what is Chatterbooks.
Its a book club at the central, my dad says that the central library ( the biggest library in London ) is as big as the Mineola library, that's not all true, the Children's library is Quite small, but they have like 3 floors for the adults, and a few shelf's for young adults, and there is a bunch of library's in London, Victoria,Westminster....

We play a game, called bus stop, or we play boggle, and we talk about books, and have snack.

The bad news, is its only once a month, and good news, they send a letter in the mail.

And sometimes you get a bag a note book a pen a Wristband and bookmarks

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Frost Hollow Hall

Friday September 4 2014.

Hi, I read tons of books and I loved this book.

Its about a girl who is so poor that the whole family can't even sit down all at once ( they don't have enough chairs ) there is Eliza the sister Pa and Ma the girls name is Matilda but is almost always called Tilly. and this man called Will potter dares Tilly to Ice Skate on Frost Hollow Hall where a boy died  not just that but it was trespassing they go and Will does it not going near the middle but when Tilly does it she goes fast and goes and falls through the ice in the middle when she goes under she sees the spirit of Kit the boy who died there's nickname Will's father sells meat to the Frost Hollow hall  and Will sometimes helps so they go there Tilly was shivering and next thing she knew was she was in the house eyes closed and herd voices saying but we can't just throw her back in the cold then a woman comes in and asked  is she dead and grabbed Tilly and Tilly opened her eyes then later Tilly has a dare  for Will to go and find Kits grave  they got caught and had to work there for a day then Eliza finds out where pa is ( they haven't seen him for days since he was due home )
and told Tilly so with out ma knowing she left when Tilly came home from the day of work her mother was in great shock so she got a job at Frost Hollow hall partly to find out about kit and to help with money and because they needed work you see Eliza took ALL of the money they had left and Mama had to give her Wedding ring away so when Tilly was under the ice and saw Kit's Spirit and he gave he Tilly a ring so when Eliza left she saw the ring and took it and she sent it back she said she just can't sell the ring .

To find out more just go to Amazon.

By  Emma Carroll

Love Chrissy

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Italy Trip 2

Hi, This time we went to Sicily! We went in late June and early July.

First, let me tell you how we got there: we took a tube(subway) to Victoria and then the Gatwick Express train to the airport, and then a shuttle to the airport, then, a 3 hour plane ride, 2 hour taxi, 1 hour ferry and 5 min taxi to our hotel! Our first stop was on the island of Lipari. We got dinner and went to bed that night.

The hotel had a pool, children's video games and a gym. It also had two rooftop gardens. The smallest one had a hot tub. It was so awesome, because the pool was right outside our hotel room. We went swimming everyday after breakfast.

We had chocolate for breakfast like every day. The first day we kind of hung around, swam and then took a taxi tour which drove us all around the island. The taxi driver gave us a pumice stone as a souvenir. A pumice stone helps dead skin.

Here are the things we did in Lipari:

1) Go to the island of Vulcano and climb up a volcano. It was very long. Dad took us on the wrong path on the way down. There were two paths, one went through the sulphur smoke and the other went the way Dad took us. Which, was the wrong way...
2) We went to a smelly beach on Vulcano, that was right near more sulphur. They had this mud bath that helped your skin and then you can go in hot springs. This meant that the stones on the water were very hot (Mom loved this).
3) Granita's are extremely yummy. They are italian ices, and they are way better than regular ices.
4) We watched fire come down from the volcano on Stromboli from a boat.
5) We went to Panarea, Mom said she would get me a golf cart if we lived there.

Stop 2: Taormina

The hotel was comfortable, it was kind of like an apartment with no kitchen, living room or dining room. There was three rooms, two bedrooms and a bathroom. John  and I had our own beds but we had to share a room. The pool was far, we had to take an elevator to the bottom and then walk down a lot of stairs. But, there was tennis courts and we found a ball.

Here are the things we did in Taormina:

1) Walk down to the beach (it is a long walk) then dad walked up and we took the funicular up.
2) Get yummy food.
3) Hang out in the town square and get me a apron with my name on it, and little light up plane that goes really high (you have to launch it, of course).

And then the trip from Taormina back home was not that far, actually.  Before I go, let me tell you how I got back: 1.5 hour bus to airport, 3 hour plane ride, 30 min Gatwick Express train ride then 7 minute tube ride.

So there you are!  Happy August.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Some Fun With Cousins

Hi, My cousin and my uncle came on a Saturday. My cousin's name is Liza and my uncle's name is Uncle Fred.

On Sunday, we went to Brick Lane and I got a new skirt. Than later in the day, my cousin,uncle, Mom and Dad went to see the Let it Be show, while we had a babysitter or as in should say in London, a childminder.

Monday Lisa and Uncle Fred left to explore before we got up so we just relaxed and did our work and for dinner we went to chipotle with Mom,Lisa and Uncle Fred and John to we didn't leave him home.

Tuesday, again Liza and Uncle Fred left to explore before we got up, so we did our work and relaxed.

Wednesday, we went to this science thing at Morden hall. It was far, we had to get 3 tubes ( subway lines) than walk like 15 minutes. But, we went pond dipping and looked for things in the dirt,trees, and in the meadows. Dad says it was kinda babyish, which is true, but it was still fun.

Thursday, we did relax, but a friend came over from the states, so my mom came home and we packed a picnic for Hyde park. Then, soon Lisa and Uncle Fred came and the friends husband came as well.

Friday, we relaxed and later packed for something.

Saturday, all of us (besides Dad), took a train to Hogwarts...just kidding! But, there was this Harry Potter themed thing, which you could take your picture, looking like Harry Potter for free. But, you do have to pay for the picture in the shop. We got a Hedwig (Harry's owl). We got to York after a 2 hour train ride.

We got tea and then went to this Viking thing. It really smelled, but it was fun. Then, we went to the National Railway Museum. Then got the last chocolate factory tour, with almost aways a sample, YUM! Then, we went back to the hotel and the adults went out to eat and my cousin watched me and John. We had a fun night and my mom let us pick out a movie and get room service for dinner. Yawn, it's time for bed.

Sunday, we went to breakfast downstairs. Then, my uncle and my cousin stayed at the hotel ( my cousin wasn't felling well). So, Mom, John and I went to the castle museum. The museum was really cool, it had dungeons where the prisoners told their story's. It also had this little street that had old fashioned stores that you could go to and in some you could buy stuff like candy (from the old days)and soap. Then, we went to get my cousin. She is 15, so she brought me and John up the castle. Mom and my Uncle did not go though (what a shame, it was beautiful). Then, we went to the York Dungeon. It was ok, I would rate it 3 stars. It was just too long and it gave me a pounding headache. Then, we went back to the hotel to get our luggage and a taxi. Then, we went back to London on a 2 hour train, it was night.

Monday we just relaxed and my cousin and Uncle went out this happened every day in till they left.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Story Of Gilgamesh and Enkidu

Gilgamesh and Enkidu
A fairytale by Christine Louzonis
Gilgamesh was a horrible king.  He loved children, but he hated people.  He always was happy to let the children come into his castle and explore.  One day, the mailman came and said that he was to die or to be nice to his people.  Gilgamesh thought about this.  Before the mailman left, he said that he had until the end of the week to decide.  This was a hard decision. 
Gilgamesh went off to find the children that were exploring in his castle.  He talked to them quietly about this.  Many of the children agreed to be nice.  But some of them suggested “no”. 
It was the end of the week, Gilgamesh still hadn’t decided.  He had until sunrise.  Enkidu came during the night.  Enkidu is a half man and half animal.  He came from a very faraway place called Unkido, where all the half man and half animal people live.  Enkidu said to Gilgamesh “Go and get your little friends and come with me.”  Gilgamesh wondered what Enkidu meant.  So, he brought the children to him.  He followed Enkidu.  Enkidu took them all to a special island that can make things come true and help you with your problems.  Everyone that needs their problems solved needs to get something special to them.
“The thing that is special to you, Gilgamesh, is children.” said Enkidu. 
Right at that moment, a huge monster came.  The children were so scared, they ran to Gilgamesh.  Enkidu and Gilgamesh started running towards the monster.  They thought they could win a battle with the monster.  They won. 
“Gilgamesh,” said Enkidu, “this is a lesson you will learn.  Being evil to your people makes you suffer.  What have you chosen?” 
“Enkidu, I chose my people.” 

The End  

My Story 6

Polly Learns to Sing a Song

Do you remember Polly’s Precious Fish?  Do you remember Stacy Goes to Soccer Camp?  This is another adventure with Polly and Stacy.

“Mother, father!” yelled Polly as soon as she got home from school.
“I learned a new song in music today, with Stacy, of ‘course”
“Alright Polly, alright Polly, that is quite enough screaming,” said her mother. “You had better calm down, I can’t have a screaming girl in my house.”
“Do you know what song I leaned, Mother?”
“No, I do not”
“Well, we learned Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, I sang it all the way back home while I was on the bus.  I was screaming with Stacy, and all the boys were getting furious.  I am going to email Stacy and ask her to come over Friday after school.  First, I am going to tell Whitey, Polar Bear and Polar (my fish) about the song I learned.  They are going to be extra pleased, because they love me.”
“Polly, can you please make your present for grandma?  We are going over for her birthday tonight.” 
“Yes, mother.  Are we sleeping over?”
“If you want….” said her mother.

Then, Polly closed the door.  Her mother started speaking with her father. 
“She has too much energy.  We need to speak to her music teacher.  If she gets excited about songs, maybe she has to have special private lessons with her after school at her house.  Maybe she would calm down a little and get used to it.”  Her mother said to her father.
“Maybe, I will talk to the principal about it.  At the end of the day I will ask how Polly acts with energy all day?  Maybe then we can see what is the matter.”
“I agree.” Said her mother.
Just then, Polly came out of her room.  “Stacy asked me to go to her house on Friday, instead of my house.  Is it alright?”
“Maybe if you get your homework done, and calm down a little. Alright?  I am going to pack my bag for Grandma’s.”
“Polly, only if your sister and your brother say it is alright to sleepover.”
“Cassie is the nicest sister in the world and Jack is the nicest brother” Polly thought. 
“Cassie, Jack!” called Polly. 
“Are we going to Grandma’s?”  Asked Cassie
“Not right now, but mom said it was ok to sleep over if you guys agree?”
“Yes, I want to sleepover!” said Cassie.  “Jack! Jack!” called Cassie and Polly. 
Jack came out of his room and asked the same question as Cassie. 
“Do you want to sleep over Grandma’s?”

The next day, Polly was daydreaming about Baa, Baa Black Sheep all during class.
Finally, came music class!  Stacy and Polly were assigned to sing together. 
“Who would like to go first?”  Mrs. Brazil asked. Everyone yelled out “me, me!” except for Stacy and Polly. 
“Stacy and Polly may go first…” said Mrs. Brazil.  “Everyone, please sit down and be quiet.”
Stacy and Polly stood up and sang it perfectly.  There was not one single mistake.  Everyone cheered.  The End

My Story 5

Field Day
It was the first day of summer.  Field day had begun.  All of Christine and John’s friends were coming Lilly, Sophia, Jim, Rebecca, Mia, Joseph and Charlotte. First they warmed up by kicking soccer balls and running in place. 
In the first race, they were running.  They had to run from the front door to the pool.  John, Jim, Sophia and Lilly were in this first race.  Jim forgot to tie his shoelaces, Lilly  most tripped on them.  But, she jumped over them.  Rebecca tripped on them instead.  She would have won. Lilly won the running race.  Jim lost because he had to tie his shoelaces!
The second race was a swimming race.  Sophia, Jim, Christine, Charlotte, Joseph and Rebecca were in the swimming race.  The first person to go from one side of the pool to the other three times, won.  Rebecca brought a floatie, which was against the rules.  She tried to hide it, but instead the coach saw it and disqualified her.  Joseph won.
The last and final race was who could hold their breath the longest.  Mia, Christine, Joseph, John, Lilly, Sophia, Jim, Rebecca and Charlotte were in this race.  Sophia won this race.  She held her breath for one minute and twenty seconds.  Christine held her breath for one minute and fifteen seconds and came in second place. 
Lilly won first place for the whole field day.  Joseph won second place and Christine came in third place.  All the kids had fun, then it was time to go inside and get some yummy lemonade and treats!

The End

my story 4

Amy’s, Stacy’s and Polly’s Halloween
Do you remember Polly’s favorite fish, Stacy’s soccer game and the girl Amy who flew an airplane?  If you do, this story is about all three girls.  They become friends the week before Halloween, and go trick or treating together. 
It was a week before Halloween.  A girl named Cecilia lived on Ryder Road, which is one street over from Deckwood Drive.  She was decided a lot of things.  Cecilia was deciding if she wanted to go trick or treating by herself,  or her mother said she could have a Halloween party at her house.  She still didn’t know what she was going to be! She thought that she could go trick or treating with her next door neighbor, but they were going with other friends.  She was sad.  She decided to go outside and find some new friends on Deckwood Drive.  So, she asked her mother if she could go outside to Deckwood Drive.  Her mom said yes, because she is the best mom in the world.  She went to Deckwood Drive and a girl was sitting on her porch all by herself.  So, Cecilia asked the girl what her name was.  Her name was Amy.  She asked her if she wanted to go trick or treating with her.  Amy said “Yes!”  Cecilia said “let’s go find some more friends, I see one in her backyard across the street.  Let’s go ask her what her name is.”  So, they went across the street and they introduced themselves.  Her name was Polly. 
Polly said “A girl named Stacy lives next door.  She is my best friend.  Let’s ask her if she wants to go trick- or-treating with us.   When I asked her last week, she wanted to have at least 3 friends to go with.  So, they went next door and rang the doorbell.  Stacy answered and said “Hi Polly, do you want to play?”  But then she saw the two other girls and frowned.  “Who are you guys?”  she said to Cecilia and Amy.  Cecilia said “I don’t have anyone to go trick or treating with.  I hope you guys will all come with me?”  Stacy answered “Yes” and then so did all the other girls.  Stacy said “I am going to be a witch for Halloween, what are you guys going to be?”  Polly said she was going to be a cowgirl and Amy said she wanted to be a piece of cheese from Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Cecilia decided to be SpongeBob. The day before Halloween, Cecilia had a Halloween party at her house.  She invited Stacy, Polly, Amy, her neighbor and Rebecca.  Stacy invited her two friends Lucy and Mary.  Polly invited her friends Sophia, Kylie and Bridget.  Amy invited Connor, her brother and her friends Samantha and Molly.  First, all the kids played Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Then, they had a Halloween contest called Dress up and Step up First, it was a costume contest.  Samantha won first place.  She was a mummy.  Amy won second place as the piece of cheese from Diary of a Wimpy kid.  Sophia was Strawberry Shortcake and won third place.  They placed a game of cut the cake.  Everybody had candy and they loved playing all the games.  It was a fun party. 
The next day was Halloween.  Cecilia was so excited she jumped out of bed and wanted to go trick or treating first thing in the morning.  Her mom said “no, no, it is WAY too early!  You have to wait until 4PM.  You have your work to do first.  When 4PM finally came, Cecilia went to get all her friends who came to the Halloween party.  They were all going to go trick or treating together.  They went to 25 houses and got 100 pieces of candy.  That is an average of 4 pieces at each house.  They walked all the way back to Cecilia’s house and ate a lot of candy and had a sleepover.  They were all such good friends now and had so many more friends.  They were so glad they all met each other and spent Halloween together. 
The End

My story 3

The Girl Who Flew an Airplane
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Amy and her father was a pilot.  Every day, Amy missed her father because he always flew the plane, every single day!  He went from NY to Paris.  One day, when Amy was turning six, her father had a special treat for her.  He was going to take her and her sister and her brother from where they lived in NY to Wildwood, New Jersey.  They were all triplets! Amy’s sister wanted to go to Maine, so first they went to Maine.  Then, it was her brother’s turn to pick.  He wanted to go to Kalahari Water Park!  When they went there, they went to the park the first day, the second day they did the rides, the third day they went to the indoor water park.  There was a little ball cage where they could throw all the balls.  Finally, it was Amy’s turn!  Her father said she could go to Wildwood, New Jersey or to Lego Land.
Her father let them all fly the airplane on the day that they got to pick.  In the plane, they had a kitchen and they each had a room with bunk beds.  They got to pick their rooms!  They each had their own bathroom, desk and toy box in their room.  Amy’s room was the biggest of all. 

So, Amy picked New Jersey!  Her father thought she would like that place and they brought their bikes.  Amy’s sister Amelia was scared to ride a two wheeler, so she rode a tricycle when they went on the boardwalk in the mornings.  They wanted to bring their mom a souvenir.  Amy picked a pretty Chinese necklace.  Amelia picked art magnets, because her mom was an artist and Amelia got her a set of paints and brushes too.  Their brother, James, got her a dress and a map.  They got their little brother, Aiden, got a mini toy jet since he didn’t get to go.
When they got home, her mother was so excited to get her gifts, she loved them!  She got them gifts too, a lego set for James, a bag of candy for Amelia and Amy got a soccer ball and cleats because she loves soccer.  She also got each of them and her father a new Pilot Helmut. Aiden, came down the stairs and they gave him the little mini jet.

The End

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit / Bombs on Aunt Dainty

Hi,  I want to tell you about a book I just read called,

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit / Bombs on Aunt Dainty.

It is two books, but I had a book that had both books in one book.

The first book is about when the girl is 9 and older, and the next book is when she is 14 to 18.

The main character is Anna and her family, her brother Max, Mama and Papa.

The story is when her family lived in Germany, and Anna's papa has the flu.  The Nazis were going to take his passport (the Papa was a famous writer) he had to flee to Switzerland (Zurich).  Then later, the rest of the family went.  They lived in a hotel about 1 mile away from Zurich, then they needed more money so they went to Paris.  The kids had to learn French and had to go to a French school. Then they moved to London which goes into the next book.  In that book, the bombs were falling on London.  Will London survive?
Read the books to find out...

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit / Bombs on Aunt Dainty : Bind-Up 40th Anniversary Edition - Judith Kerr     you can get it on Amazon

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Short Storys 2

Stacy goes to soccer camp
Stacy loved soccer!  Every day after school she would get in her soccer uniform.  Then she would grab her ball and cleats.  And then she would put on her flip flops and grab her socks.  And then she would pack her bag with water, which her mom put in the fridge yesterday, and put her cleats and soccer ball in her bag while her mom was packing her peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.  Her mom also packed a snack and a Caprison.  And then she would go to the bathroom and go outside and wait in her backyard.  The ball went tumbling out into the street and the bus almost hit it.   She was going to soccer camp.  After practice, in the middle of the game, Stacy got 17 goals and the other team got three goals!  Three other kids on her team got two goals.  And then they got stickers and had lunch and played one more game with just their team.  And then there was a water break.  And they got all their stuff and waited until the bus came back for them.  On the bus, Stacy ate her snack.  When she finished her snack, it was her bus stop.  And it took two minutes to get off the bus.  She put her things away and then she took out her ball again and she went outside in her backyard and played 17 more games with her five friends who came home from a play date.  After all those games, she thought how many games she played today.  This is how many games she played today - 19 games of soccer!  After that, she put away her ball and she took off her cleats.  And then it was time for dinner.  After dinner she was so tired she couldn’t even walk to the bathroom to brush her teeth.  But she finally did, in 2 hours she got out from the table.  After she brushed her teeth it was about 9 o’clock, when she took off her clothes it was 9:30 and when she got into bed it was 10:00!  After 10 o’clock she was so tired from all that soccer, she fell asleep right away without even getting under the covers!
Her mother tucked her in.

My Short Storys 1

Polly’s Precious Fish

There was a girl named Polly who lived on 45 Deckwood Drive.  Every day after Polly gets off the bus, from school, she asks her mother to make a polar bear work sheet.  She loves Polar Bears and she also loves to read about Polar Bears.  One morning, Polly’s father told her that he was going to pick up her brother Jack.  Jack was 8 years old, but Polly was only 5 years old.  It was her birthday that day!  And she was turning 6 that day.  After breakfast she went to wait outside for the bus.  After school was over, Jack and her dad went home.  Her brother Jack said “Surprise” this is for you!  She got a fish tank.  She got three fish, 2 hermit crabs, a snail and 2 regular crabs One of the fish’s names was Whitey, another fish was named Polar Bear.   The other one was named Polar.  Whitey loved to read with Polly.  Polar Bear loved to do puzzles with Polly.  And Polar loved to take baths with Polly.  And they all liked to eat dinner and lunch and breakfast and snack together!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hi, I love Frozen, like I told you before, so, I want to show you all of my favorite vidoes:

You have to google this to see this one : Love is in Open Door- in real life ( Frozen cover )

You have to google this to see this one, it is the first one: Disney's Frozen - Fixer Upper - Soundtrack - Lyrics

You have to google this to see this one: do you want to build a snowman?- Frozen cover Little Anna in real life

You have to google this one: Do you want to build a snowman - siblings cover

Monday, July 7, 2014

Italy Trip 1

Hi we went to Lake Como for two days, and then Milan for two days.

Mom was with us in Lake Como ( she had to work in Milan)

We walked around and found a good place to eat thank God (Mom can speak Italian)

we got some gelato an then we went to the pool which was like 10 miles ( that is to me ) the pool was not that big but like a back yard pool size it had 10 balls for 50"p" for foes ball we walked back the 10 miles.

and after we went into bed and had dinner in bed and watched some world cup and then went to bed the next day we kinda just relaxed
one day we went to a differed island and climbed up a HUGE mountain an there was a small castle with a very scary underground tunnel that was dark.

The last day we took the train to Malian and we had two day there but it was really just one day we went to a castle there and we went to a big Cathedral I think called Milan Cathedral  and then we went home

Love Chrissy

Friday, June 20, 2014

Great Video

My Grandma sent me this Mary Poppins video which is great I can't stop myself from telling you it I listen to it 50 times today and 50 times yesterday ( maybe five today and 2 yesterday)

love Chrissy


Hi we went to Paris, on the euro rail from St Pancras station, there was a bridge called the lock bridge and was covered with locks.

There is a museum called the loove,  I think we didn't go in ( thank God for that ) it has a cool thing in the middle and it is the most visited museum in the world, ( it must be so boring )
we got great crepes the best that week, (the best i ever had) we took a hop on hop off tour that we saw a lot I like the story of the unknown solder a lot and

the ark de Triumphe

there are lots of brigeds
we saw notre dame ( it had devils on the side i don't know why )

we got Ice cream at the best place in Paris it is not open in
August which is daft August is the hottest month of the year to me.
The cakes are great and the park cost money to get in, ( but then again it was great ( and we weren't

we went to Versailles a it was full of art me and my brother try ed to spend the whole time playing  Rock Paper Scissors and a game called Guns ( you can see we were bored )

the gardens were daft all it is is grass but i really wanted to go to  Marie Antoinette's house 
what they call a show is turn on a Mp3 player and turn on the fountain's.

that is really all we did but we did go to the Central pompidou it had like 50 floors and big escalators we went to the very top it was cool ( not cold)

love chrissy

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Harry Potter

Hi I am reading the Harry potter Books I started them and finished them in 3 weeks
I have to keep re-doing this ( I read so much ) my favorite is the end of harry potter and the deathly hallows and the Prisoner of Azkaban
they aren't that scary not at all but now I want to watch the movies and go to the harry potter world now so I'll go with my friend who loves harry potter and wants to go

love Chrissy

Book 3

                                                                           Book 7

Book 1

                                                                                              Book 2                                                                      

book 4

                                                 book 5

book 6

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Stratford Upon Avon

Hi, for the Easter Holidays we went to Stratford-upon-Avon.

This is how we got there:

We used the tube to get to Victoria station then went to catch the coach bus for 3 hours.

3 hours later.....

Ok then we got to the  hotel and found out that my Mom did the wrong date, and we almost had no place to stay for the weekend.Then we got are hotel it was a new one. And went to RSC Royal Shakespeare Company and we got to go back stage and so on we got to see stage blood, John put it on and wanted to keep it, my Mom wanted to puke so he had to take it off.

Then we went to are hotel and then we went out to dinner.

The next day we got a yummy breakfast in the hotel.

Then we got a 9:00am bus to Chipping Campden, the town next to Stratford Upon Avon, on the bus we got to see cute little baby lambs and sheep from the window.

When we got to Chipping Campden we walked around and found a tourist place and went in and got information for what to do, and we took a 2 hour walk in this field like place.

Then we went and got lunch at a barbecue place it was great, then we went back to the hotel which is called the Falcon.

After  we got back Mom and John went to go for a walk and Dad and I went back to the hotel, and played my favorite game on uno.

then we met up with Mom and John and went to this Tudor place where we learned about Tudors.

The next day we had a 12:20 coach bus to catch for another 3 hour ride when we got there we my Mom then realize that you can't take the tube it is too pain full and we took the bus home and ran home to go to church.

Love London Girl Christine.

Monday, April 28, 2014

British Books

Hi, I love the new books for me too go and explore.

Lots of magic books and new Rainbow magic books they have Rainbow magic in NY but they had the same ones for a long time now we have new ones like the sweet fairies and so on...

I will show you my favorite Books and top 10 series so look for the numbers.

Malory Towers Enid Blyton:1

Stardust Linda Chapman:2

Wen Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and Bombs on Aunt Dainty by Judith Kerr:3

The Famous Five Enid Blyton:4

Loving Spirit Linda Chapman:5

Silver dolphin by Summer Waters:6

The pony Detectives by Belinda Rapley: 7

Horrible Histories Terry Deary:8

The secret kingdom by Rosie Banks:9

Emily Feather by Holly Webb: 10

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Cousin Came!!

 My Cousin Came!!

She came on a  Thursday night with my Mom or Mum.

The next day we went to Ice Skate, but not with my Cousin, Mom has to work so her Boy Friend came. My Mom came home early to eat dinner with us we had a good good dinner !!

The next day we went to Harrods, and went to the toy store, and went to the chocolate cafe, in Harrods and we got a piece of chocolate me and John each and got a chocolate tofu for the table then my cousin went to the Tower of London and we went home!!

At like 4:30 we left the house and we went to meet my cousin and her boy friend at Victoria station and we took the rail to harry potter tour to Watford Junction 

That is when we went to harry potter tour we wear there for like 2 hours and then  it was like 7:00 and we didn't eat dinner yet.

In the morning my cousin and her Boy Friend had already left so that was the end!!

Love chrissy.

British Words

Hi me and my brother are doing a file on British Words on Google Drive thees are the words that we found.

                                    British =  American      

                                           Forname  = First name

                                            Surname =  Last name

                                           Football = soccer

                                           plaster = band aids

                                           Engineer = Plumber 

                                           Jumper = Sweater

                                           Lift = Elevator

                                           Cheerio = Hi

                                            Loo = Bathroom

                                            Tube = Subway

                                            Cheers = Thank You


                                             Buggy = Stroller

                                            Serviette = Napkin

                                            Maths = Math

                                            Clickies = Women's High Heels

                                            Rugby = Football

                                            Trunk = Boot 

                                            Fancy = Want

                                            Barmy = Crazy

                                            Biscuit = Cookie


Love chrissy




My School Work!!

Hi, What I am doing for school work?

Well, do you know that I do not go to school??

Right now I am learning Spanish - okay just a little I used to do much more but now I am doing some French and Italian but just a little less than Spanish.

I am learning cursive but I am getting to the hard part.

I do geography now I am in the third book!!

For history, the book I read is called Story of the World I just finished Book 1 and now I am on Book 2!!!

                          Book 1                                                                Book 2

I do spelling, but now I am in book 3, and I can't do it, so a guess I am taking a break!! Book BB.

I do a lot of art and it is quiet. I like to just sit down and play with crayons and color.

I do phonics, with a Book called Explode The Code, I am in Book 7!!

But I guess I have been doing them since I was 6!! But maybe I started at 5!!

I do all that with my Mom. It is her school work. My Dad does... Wait... you have to Wait!!

Ok, what I do with my Dad... drum roll...

I do Math!
Oh, I hate Math some times I do work books that I hate and are called kumon most times I do a computer web site called IXL
I hate it most I like a web site called Khan academy most I have not much to do in it but it is still a good web site.

I do Chess I am doing some torments my best torment is wining 6'th place!!

For music I do the recorder and the piano. I like the recorder a lot but I hate the piano a lot I have a pink recorder and a black and white piano!!

I do Astronomy in 2 Books a Book to read and a Book to write and learn in at the same time.

Book to read and

Book to write and learn

My Piano Time

Hi do you know that I play the piano.

Right now I am doing 2 Books for my lesson and a few songs my favorite song I am doing used to 

to be the love theme from the Godfather.

 but I am done it now and it is boring now my favorite song 

is do you want to build a snowman, I love it it is from frozen.

I have a note speller for my notes you see I am not so good at my note reading!!

I think that piano is ok just not my taste I want to play the Harp, Guitar,Harmonica,Flute and maybe the Violin?

I want too play all them but it would be way to many, my Mom wants me to learn the Guitar so I can sing with it, she says it is the best instrument to sing with.

We have a Guitar at home, because my Dad thought that my brother could play, it but we never did it my Dad says it is because it is to hard.

If you want to see me play the love theme from the Godfather go to YouTube.
If you like it like it for me and my brother see you later for my do you want to build a snowman when its finished