Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Break in the Holidays

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Krakow Post 4

January, 18, 2015!!!

Welcome to Krakow Post 4.

This post is about the Schindler's Museum.

Hi, we went to a Museum called the Schindler's Museum.

It was a Museum about Jewish people in World War 2.

It told me about the ghetto and concentration camps in Krakow.

I learned about how the Nazis took over Krakow.

There was a factory called Schindler's and he was forced to make stuff for the Nazis.

He took Jewish people from the ghetto and they had to work for him but,he was better to them and they were in better conditions there.



Thank you for reading my post.

Look down below for Krakow post 3 Salt Mines.

Love Christine.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Krakow Post 3

Welcome to Krakow post 333 sorry 3.

This is the Salt Mine Krakow Guide.

 We went to The Krakow Salt mines on a Tour First we got tickets to the 4 hour tour then we went into the mines ( obviously) we went to see the mines and were told that slaves or prisoners we not allowed to work in mines because back then salt was more valuable than silver in that time

Photo Look at some pictures to see what I saw so far:


The White stuff is Salt cauliflower salt that is what the tour guide first said.
But we all knew it was cauliflower salt the salt tasted AWESOME Dad and John even liked they don't usually like salt they are the Hot sauce people me and Mom are the Salt people.

The tour was great just very tiring and it also makes you hungry.

They has 2 small food stops and gift shops where we got postcards.

There were also a few lakes.

Here are some more Pictures to say Goodbye.






Love Christine.

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Krakow post 2 Christmas Markets

Hi Krakow was Freezing when I say Freezing I mean Freezing Good thing it did not snow.
The first day of our Cold Holiday I was stupid well every one was stupid put I put on nothing but a tank top long sleeve shirt light jacket and a big coat. gloves and a neck thingy john had ear muffs but he calls them cheek warmers.So first I tell you the name of an Awesome hotel called Hotel Matejko
then we went to eat with my uncle who lives in Kiev he was visiting us in London but his doctor lives in Krakow so we ate together at a great place called Jarema then went to look at Krakow we walked around got freezing cold then finally we went into a coffee place called Coffee heaven and got hot chocolates looking on the website I think it is owned by the same company as Costa coffee.
In the square there is horse drawn carriages,and Christmas Stalls and a bunch of churches.
Mom went to the nearby train station to get our tickets to Vienna and when she got back it was time for dinner. Dad looked online and found some more great food I think that I could eat Polish food every day but I love Italian food too Italian food is Pasta and Pizza which I love but Polish food is Potato pancakes [ yum] dumplings: and every good thing you could Imagine.
  The Place we ate at was called:Wesele and it was great.


dad only got kielbasa once he was not happy about it every night till our last night I was pretty happy but I was sad when he finnally got it this is what he said on his blog:But our hotel didn’t have kielbasa at its breakfast buffet either. What’s going on? My stomach was getting angry…
 Love Chrissy

Links Wesele Jarema Coffee heaven Hotel Matejko
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Travels to Krakow, Krakow post 1/Where I went for the holidays

Hi this post is about how we got to Krakow.

  1. We took a cab to Victoria
  2. Then we went on the Gatwick Express
  3. Next we got off the train at Gatwick airport
  4. We went out of the station
  5. We walked into the airport
  6. Next we walked to the shuttle
  7. Then we took the shuttle
  8. After that we got off the shuttle
  9. Walked out of the shuttle area
  10. Took an escalator
  11. Found our easy jet poster
  12. Walked to where easy jet is
  13. Checked in ALL of our bags
  14. While mom talked about how happy she was to pay for 1 bag and then get 4 bags checked we Walked to security
  15. Went to the plane
  16. Got off the plane 
  17. Walked to get a taxi
  18. Went to the hotel 
  19. Then relaxed
Happy Travels to me.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Where I went for the Holidays Post 1

Hi, for the holidays, I went to London, surprise!!!!!

No, really, I went to Poland with my uncle, after his visit to London.
He had to go there anyway to take a train back to Ukraine after a few days.
We took a Sleeper train to Vienna.
Then 2 days later, we took a 3 hour train to Salzburg.
And, did stuff from the sound of music tour to exploring. Watch My Blogs. They will come IN ORDER.

 Happy New Year.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

What I got for Christmas 2014

Hi, Merry Christmas!
Even though its not really Christmas any more.

FROM Santa:


This year I got mostly stickers for my full sticker book but in the holidays I got a new sticker book.

I got a stick with chocolate on it, so, just heat up milk and put the stick into the chocolate and stir it until the chocolate has melted. My mom said it is what they do in Belgium.

PS: Don't worry, I did not get the cup too.

Tons of these stickers and they smell like coke.


The next School for Good and Evil book.

The game Pointless.


Cluedo Suspect.

Write your own story book book.


My brother gave me a stuffed animal, some stickers, and Hermiones wand from Harry Potter and a Olaf

From my grandmother,well, she sent me a picture from New York so I know what she got me. But, I will get it in April.

A new american girl doll.

Displaying photo.JPG  YAY YAY YAY YAY

From my Nana I got the British version of:

From my Aunt Maggie I got a Harry Potter book set of books in the book.

From my Aunt Cathy, I got the game Mother Sheep.

From my Uncle Tim, I got Twister.

My dad got me a Belgian necklace and a bracelet.

My mom gave me tickets to the play wicked.

My Aunt Camile Gave me a stuffed animal, 2 headbands,stampers and a bag of candy cane treats.

My Uncle Vinny gave me a watch and some crazy British pants [ Trousers].

That is what I got for Christmas.

Merry Chrissymas

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A sneak peek at my book

Hi my book is called The Adventures of Mia and Lucy I intend it to be a series so here is my first one its called finding a new home.

Chapter 1 Daily complaints
Chapter 2 going off
Chapter 3 living in the forest
Chapter 4 more fun
Chapter 5 fireworks
Chapter 6 homesick
Chapter 7 a plan that changes

Chapter 1 daily complaints

What's for breakfast Mia said Lucy oatmeal said Mia not again we had that Sunday Saturday Friday and Thursday we never have muffins.

What's for lunch Mia said Lucy tacos but we had that on Saturday but Lucy now it's Monday that's only 2 days.

We never have pasta and plus I hate tacos that's your thing Mia.

What's for dinner asked Lucy burgers said Mia and don't say we had them last Monday I already know and I am going to leave the room before you start your meal complaints but but but said Lucy as Mia left the room.

Chapter 2 going off

Mia I am going tonight and if you come I don't care ok I'll come said Mia.

I think we should pack lightly said Lucy 2 shirt each 2 pairs of pants lots of socks and underwear we should bring 1 bottle of water 1 bar each 2 peaces of fruit each and Maybe  another snack I am bringing 1 Harry potter book markers uno a set of cards and my Diary.

Here is the note I am going to put it on the table I brought the Picnic blanket I brought my backpack said Mia so did I said Lucy.

Where are we going asked Mia the forest said Lucy you brought your money didn't you I did it's not much 20 dollars that's enough I brought 30 said Mia wow that is a lot.

Chapter 3 Living In The Forest

Let's go to bed they put up the picnic blanket put their sleeping bags down put their bags in the inside of the tent that Mia brought from camping once and went to bed.

Lucy Lucy wake up yes I am going to pret do you want a croissant yes chocolate or plain chocolate said Lucy you have to be dressed if you want that croissant  yes yes yes.

What should we do Lucy and Mia were eating on the picnic blanket in the sunny air Maybe we can explore said Lucy but the forest is so big your right Maybe we can just read a bit then go play hopscotch I brought chalk and some water balloons we can fill up wow you are the best sister ever said Lucy.

We should do a little work you do your spelling and I will do my history your favorite subject laughed Lucy what said Mia her cheeks going red no I do my spelling and you do you math laughing at the disappointed face Mia was wearing.

Chapter 4 more fun

Do you want to play slapjack no Lucy I am doing my homework they picked out a schedule that they do 3 pieces of works each day after breakfast lunch and after dinner or they could do it all at once.

What are you doing today history, science, and geography.

Cool today I did math,spelling and history.

Same as I but I did science and geography instead of spelling and math.

Not much different.

Hey Lucy I just went into town but I wanted a book then you have to wait until next week Lucy what did you get 2 things of prosciutto 2 bags of oranges 1 bag of pears 2 bags of chips brioche rolls and brioche bread a lemon cake and one set of cupcakes.

And no you can not have a cupcake right now  you look like you could eat the whole pack I can said Lucy.

Guess what what said Mia I keep surprises myself but we had some left over fire works from last year and and said Lucy getting very excited hold on said Mia laughing I brought some of them not all of them.

Awesome shouted Lucy.

Ok calm down said Mia and you have to be quiet all day if you want to do that I will go into town to get a puzzle if I have to.

Chapter 5 fire works

Can we can we do the fireworks tonight yes if you calm down said Mia awesome shouted Lucy.

Wow this is amazing said Lucy if you say so said Mia.

Later that night when they had brushed their teeth and were in pjs Lucy said you are the best sister and fell asleep Mia thought how glad she was for coming with Lucy she could not live without a older person.

Chapter 6 Homesick

Mia I am having fun living on my own but I miss having mom and dad around how long has this been coming on you asked Mia.

Not long said Lucy it just happens when I am not having that much fun like when I am doing my homework and I think it's like when I Am at home and you are making me do my homework.

Well we can either go home or stay here I'll stay but only for a little can we send a  letter to Leah and her sister Abby but Abby has to come a 9 year old can't come to the forest alone ok.

Hey look there is Abby and Leah coming  from over there hi squealed
it's so nice to see you hi Abby and Mia said at the same time I thought you left the country and I would never see you again well your wrong.

Come in come into our little hovel ( tent) its awesome do you eat in it asked Leah no we eat outside on our picnic blanket.

I got more fireworks and I bought a lemon cake I love cake said Lucy and Leah at the same time rubbing their Tummies we know you do said Abby and Mia laughing at the same time then they all laughed.

I never knew the store sold these special fireworks.

They are very special dad buys them once a year for the 4th of July.

Let's go have cake 1 slice each ok mom can't find out we have been having cake all night said Abby firmly then we can play quarkle but after that we better get going.

Chapter 7 a plan that changes

Ok i am saying this for the last time ok we go home say we are living there again, and in the night we leave again and leave a note ok that's the plan if you want to see mom and like the forest we stay for 1 night said Mia.

Fine fine fine I just don't want to lie to mom sighed Lucy I understand love I just want you to be happy I'm trying so hard.

Ok are you all ready yep then let's go said Mia.

Knock knock knock Mia and Lucy's mother opened the door and when she saw Lucy and Mia, she cried out oh thank goodness you're safe.

what is for lunch asked Lucy eagerly,

pasta with meatballs
smiled her mother,

great said mia and lucy at once, when they were inside they started laughing and talking Mom said Lucy, i want to stay with you and live where i have lived, but we are just visiting Mia can set up another tent if you want to stay, ok her mother sighed but you’d better show me where you live i’ll take the car.

after that Mia and Lucy went from place to place to the forest, to her real home and their parents kept them well supplied with money, her mother gave MIA 50 pounds a month, that she told her strictly was for food only, and she gave them 5 pounds a week as well.

that was their life for a while.


Love Chrissy

Christmas List 2014

  1. ANY stuffed animal
  2. Hermione's wand from harry potter
  3. Mulan the movie 
  4. Twister
  5. Monopoly 
  6. fake snow
  7. Hermione's costume from harry potter

That is my 2014 Christmas list.


Hi I just read a book called Inkheart.

It was really really really really great.

Even adults will like it there is a Movie too.

And a second and third book this is the order :

  1. Inkheart
  2. Inkspell
  3. Inkdeath
Here is the trailer:

Love Chrissy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


We went to 2 places in Belgium.

Bruges and Brussels.

Trip one Bruges.

  • Christmas markets
  • horse drawn carriage ride
  •  shopping
  • bumper cars
  • eating mussels
  • getting postcards
  • staying at a great hotel
  • having fun
Our trip in Brussels

  • Staying at a Marriott hotel
  • seeing the Christmas markets
  • ice skating
  • going on a Ferris wheel
  • going on rides
  • getting chocolate
  • going on a fast slide

Love Chrissy

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Monday, December 15, 2014

The School for good and Evil

Hi I read this great book called the school for good and evil.

Its about a girl called Sophie and Agatha.

The book is really really good you should tell your child to read it.

There is a second book too its called the school for good and evil a world without princes

my favorite line comes twice

good with good evil with evil

go back to your tower before there is upheaval.

Love Chrissy

Our Christmas tree

Hi our Christmas tree is very small my family thinks that it is a Charlie Brown Christmas bush.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Horrible historys

Hi horrible histories are really good they are history books  that have all the mean facts and gross facts .

Victorians are the best.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Hi, my grandmother came so we went to bath.

This is what we did

  • Roman baths
  • city sightseeing tour
  • walking around
  • taking a journey to paddington in a cab
  • shopping
  • getting fudge
  • having fun
  • see the church
  • get postcards

That was our day in bath.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Hello,went to Istanbul.

Istanbul is also known as Constantinople.

In Istanbul we went to:

Blue Mosque,( there was long line) ok not terrible
Haggia Sophia,( there was also a long line) not worth it very long line longer than the Blue Mosque.
Minaturk,awesome lots of kid stuff no line at all.
Spice Bazaar,not all spices.
Bosporus boat, ok not awesome windy on the outside.
Galata tower, high and there is a elevator for more than halfway up.
Bazaar, huge maze and all the same stuff.
Sistern, cool but audio guides stink.
                                                              The Sistern

Love Chrissy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our Halloween

We went trick or treating but we only got 5-7 pieces each.

I was a Genie .

John was a homemade hunter.

That was our halloween.


Hi, we went to Madrid in Spain.

My brother and I went with my dad, my mom was in New York.

This is what we did:

Hop-on-hop-off bus tour.

The Flamenco show.

The Royal Palace .

And more of the Hop-on-hop-off bus tour.

That is what we did in Madrid.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Charlotte Campbell

Hi we saw this street performer called Charlotte Campbell.

She makes up her own songs.

Here are my favorites.

I don't know which is better:

Streets of London

Feathers And Wax

I don't know which is better.

and here are the rest:

Quiet Nights

Waterloo Sunset


Love, Chrissy

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Light Party

Hi we go to a Church called "HTB" which is short for Holy Trinity Brompton.

There is a thing for kids call CHTB the C stands for children's.

They had a big party called the Light Party.

It was themed on Monsters University co.

I had a ton of fun.

There was crafts and face painting upstairs. Making your own marshmallow snow man that had coconut chocolate chips and of course marshmallows, more crafts making your own snow globe and making ice drinks down stairs. And in the regular floor or the main floor they had games.

Before you went inside they gave you student IDs and you went around the main floor playing games and getting stickers and then getting candy.

It took place the day after Halloween.

There was a fireworks display.

My Mum said it was the best fireworks display ever.

They had an Easter party too.

This was better.

Love Chrissy

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Hi we went to Liverpool, by we I mean My Nana, Grandpa, Brother, and Dad we went mainly because my Nana's mother was from Liverpool. That means that I am English and I think that means we are British as well.

I went to the best hotel we went to so far if you ever go to Liverpool get that hotel it was on 30 James street.

When we got there we relaxed and my grandfather and brother went to get a map.

Like an hour or so later my Nana's cousins were here 3 3rd cousins and 1 4rd cousin, we had some tea a meat platter and the adults had beer and coke.

The next day my Nana and Grandfather left at 9:00 to take a train to Hollyhead and then get a ferry to Dublin to get a plane back to the USA.

So we got breakfast and headed out to do  the bus tour we got off near the Beatles tour.

 And there was a Ferris wheel which we went on then headed up to Albert dock and found a bus stop and hoped on it.

 After we went to the world museum right next to the library and went to the Ssss snakes alive exhibit

When we got out of the museum we went to the beetles cavern and got lunch.

So we went to find the bus stop and got on we went to the  Philharmonic and got Hot chocolate then walked back to the station and on the way we got great cupcakes.

That was our trip to Liverpool.

Bye made by London Girl

Monday, November 3, 2014

Tower Of London

Hi we went to the Tower Of London it was great.

First I have to tell you about the lunch we had it was the best food we had got so far its called Bodeans BBQ it is in Balham Soho Fulham Clapham and Tower Hill I got the ribs they were small but outstanding.

so first at the Tower we got in line waited for 20 minutes and then pulled out the home ed card which will get us one adult free and it took like 15 minutes just for us to get tickets when we got in we went to the white tower a bit boring  really and long we saw the kings and princes armor and the horses armor then we went to see the ravens then we went to see the crown jewels which i thought was pretty boring the crown jewels at Hampton court palace was better and there was only 1 thing there but it was cool we were in a vault then we did the wall walk it was fun it had a royal animal exhibit don't worry there are no real animals the bloody tower is not that great and the torture room is great my brother gave me the idea to use stinging nettles as a weapon ?

That is what we did in the Tower.

As you an see down below my dad went a little crazzy it is only a few compared to as many he can take see all he took here:

October 2014

one more thing on top of the pictures if you see a I it means in the tower P for Poppy and O for out side the tower

Love Chrissy.


























Love Chrissy