Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hi I love Frozen like i told you before so i want to show you all of my favorite vidoes:

you have to google this to see this one : Love is in Open Door- in real life ( Frozen cover )

you have to google this to see this one it is the first one :Disney's Frozen - Fixer Upper - Soundtrack - Lyrics

you have to google this to see this one: do you want to build a snowman?- Frozen cover ittle Anna in real life

you have to google this one :Do you want to build a snowman- siblings cover

Monday, July 7, 2014

Italy Trip 1

Hi we went to Lake Como for two days, and then Milan for two days.

 Mom was with us in Lake Como ( she had to work in Milan)

 We walked around and found a good place to eat thank (God Mom can speak Italian)

 we got some gelato an then we went to the pool which was like 10 miles ( that is to me ) the pool was not that big but like a back yard pool size  had 10 balls for 50"p" for foes ball we walked back the 10 miles.

and after we went  into bed and had dinner in bed and watched some world cup and then went to bed the next day we kinda just relaxed
one day we went to a differed island and climbed up a HUGE mountain an there was a small castle with a very scary underground tunnel that was dark.

The last day we took the train to Malian and we had two day there but it was really just one day we went to a castle there and we went to a big Cathedral I think called Milan Cathedral  and then we went home

Love Chrissy

Friday, June 20, 2014

Great Video

My Grandma sent me this Mary Poppins video which is great I can't stop myself from telling you it I listen to it 50 times today ans 50 times yesterday ( maybe five today and 2 yesterday)

love Chrissy


Hi we went to Paris, on the euro rail from St Pancras station, there was a bridge called the lock bridge and was covered with locks.

There is a museum called the loove,  I think we didn't go in ( thank God for that ) it has a cool thing in the middle and it is the most visited museum in the world, ( it must be so boring )
we got great crepes the best that week, (the best i ever had) we took a hop on hop off tour that we saw a lot I like the story of the unknown solder a lot and

the ark de Triumphe

there are lots of brigeds
we saw notre dame ( it had devils on the side i don't know why )

we got Ice cream at the best place in Paris it is not open in
August which is daft August is the hottest month of the year to me.
The cakes are great and the park cost money to get in, ( but then again it was great ( and we weren't

we went to Versailles a it was full of art me and my brother try ed to spend the whole time playing  Rock Paper Scissors and a game called Guns ( you can see we were bored )

the gardens were daft all it is is grass but i really wanted to go to  Marie Antoinette's house 
what they call a show is turn on a Mp3 player and turn on the fountain's.

that is really all we did but we did go to the Central pompidou it had like 50 floors and big escalators we went to the very top it was cool ( not cold)

love chrissy

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Harry Potter

Hi I am reading the Harry potter Books I started them and finished them in 3 weeks
I have to keep re-doing this ( I read so much ) my favorite is the end of harry potter and the deathly hallows and the Prisoner of Azkaban
they aren't that scary not at all but now I want to watch the movies and go to the harry potter world now so I'll go with my friend who loves harry potter and wants to go

love Chrissy

Book 3

                                                                           Book 7

Book 1

                                                                                              Book 2                                                                      

book 4

                                                 book 5

book 6

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Stratford Upon Avon

Hi, for the Easter Holidays we went to Stratford-upon-Avon.

This is how we got there:

We used the tube to get to Victoria station then went to catch the coach bus for 3 hours.

3 hours later.....

Ok then we got to the  hotel and found out that my Mom did the wrong date, and we almost had no place to stay for the weekend.Then we got are hotel it was a new one. And went to RSC Royal Shakespeare Company and we got to go back stage and so on we got to see stage blood, John put it on and wanted to keep it, my Mom wanted to puke so he had to take it off.

Then we went to are hotel and then we went out to dinner.

The next day we got a yummy breakfast in the hotel.

Then we got a 9:00am bus to Chipping Campden, the town next to Stratford Upon Avon, on the bus we got to see cute little baby lambs and sheep from the window.

When we got to Chipping Campden we walked around and found a tourist place and went in and got information for what to do, and we took a 2 hour walk in this field like place.

Then we went and got lunch at a barbecue place it was great, then we went back to the hotel which is called the Falcon.

After  we got back Mom and John went to go for a walk and Dad and I went back to the hotel, and played my favorite game on uno.

then we met up with Mom and John and went to this Tudor place where we learned about Tudors.

The next day we had a 12:20 coach bus to catch for another 3 hour ride when we got there we my Mom then realize that you can't take the tube it is too pain full and we took the bus home and ran home to go to church.

Love London Girl Christine.

Monday, April 28, 2014

British Books

Hi, I love the new books for me too go and explore.

Lots of magic books and new Rainbow magic books they have Rainbow magic in NY but they had the same ones for a long time now we have new ones like the sweet fairies and so on...

I will show you my favorite Books and top 6 series so look for the numbers.

Stardust by Linda Chapman: 1

Emily Feather by Holly Webb: 6

Silver dolphin by Summer Waters: 3

The pony Detectives by Belinda Rapley: 4

The secret kingdom by Rosie Banks: 5

Loving Spirit by Linda Chapman: 2

love chrissy

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Cousin Came!!

 My Cousin Came!!

She came on a  Thursday night with my Mom or Mum.

The next day we went to Ice Skate, but not with my Cousin, Mom has to work so her Boy Friend came. My Mom came home early to eat dinner with us we had a good good dinner !!

The next day we went to Harrods, and went to the toy store, and went to the chocolate cafe, in Harrods and we got a piece of chocolate me and John each and got a chocolate tofu for the table then my cousin went to the Tower of London and we went home!!

At like 4:30 we left the house and we went to meet my cousin and her boy friend at Victoria station and we took the rail to harry potter tour to Watford Junction 

That is when we went to harry potter tour we wear there for like 2 hours and then  it was like 7:00 and we didn't eat dinner yet.

In the morning my cousin and her Boy Friend had already left so that was the end!!

Love chrissy.

British Words

Hi me and my brother are doing a file on British Words on Google Drive thees are the words that we found.

                                    British =  American      

                                           Forname  = First name

                                            Surname =  Last name

                                           Football = soccer

                                           plaster = band aids

                                           Engineer = Plumber 

                                           Jumper = Sweater

                                           Lift = Elevator

                                           Cheerio = Hi

                                            Loo = Bathroom

                                            Tube = Subway

                                            Cheers = Thank You


                                             Buggy = Stroller

                                            Serviette = Napkin

                                            Maths = Math

                                            Clickies = Women's High Heels

                                            Rugby = Football

                                            Trunk = Boot 

                                            Fancy = Want

                                            Barmy = Crazy

                                            Biscuit = Cookie


Love chrissy




My School Work!!

Hi, What I am doing for school work?

Well, do you know that I do not go to school??

Right now I am learning Spanish - okay just a little I used to do much more but now I am doing some French and Italian but just a little less than Spanish.

I am learning cursive but I am getting to the hard part.

I do geography now I am in the third book!!

For history, the book I read is called Story of the World I just finished Book 1 and now I am on Book 2!!!

                          Book 1                                                                Book 2

I do spelling, but now I am in book 3, and I can't do it, so a guess I am taking a break!! Book BB.

I do a lot of art and it is quiet. I like to just sit down and play with crayons and color.

I do phonics, with a Book called Explode The Code, I am in Book 7!!

But I guess I have been doing them since I was 6!! But maybe I started at 5!!

I do all that with my Mom. It is her school work. My Dad does... Wait... you have to Wait!!

Ok, what I do with my Dad... drum roll...

I do Math!
Oh, I hate Math some times I do work books that I hate and are called kumon most times I do a computer web site called IXL
I hate it most I like a web site called Khan academy most I have not much to do in it but it is still a good web site.

I do Chess I am doing some torments my best torment is wining 6'th place!!

For music I do the recorder and the piano. I like the recorder a lot but I hate the piano a lot I have a pink recorder and a black and white piano!!

I do Astronomy in 2 Books a Book to read and a Book to write and learn in at the same time.

Book to read and

Book to write and learn

My Piano Time

Hi do you know that I play the piano.

Right now I am doing 2 Books for my lesson and a few songs my favorite song I am doing used to 

to be the love theme from the Godfather.

 but I am done it now and it is boring now my favorite song 

is do you want to build a snowman, I love it it is from frozen.

I have a note speller for my notes you see I am not so good at my note reading!!

I think that piano is ok just not my taste I want to play the Harp, Guitar,Harmonica,Flute and maybe the Violin?

I want too play all them but it would be way to many, my Mom wants me to learn the Guitar so I can sing with it, she says it is the best instrument to sing with.

We have a Guitar at home, because my Dad thought that my brother could play, it but we never did it my Dad says it is because it is to hard.

If you want to see me play the love theme from the Godfather go to YouTube.
If you like it like it for me and my brother see you later for my do you want to build a snowman when its finished

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

UK Money

Hi I am going to tell you about the money they have in the UK.

First is a pound piece it looks like this:


A pound is like a dollar and a pence is like their penny.  They call it "p".  So 25 pence is "25 p" for short.

A 2 pound piece looks like this:

One pence looks like this:

A 20 p looks like this on both sides :

A 2 p looks like this:

 A10 p looks like this:

A five p looks like this:

there are paper money but that it going a little to far.

love chrissy.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Harry Potter World Tour


 I went to the Harry Potter world tour it was great.

I went with my Mom, my brother, my cousin, and her boyfriend.

I have most of the Harry Potter movies -  my brother has almost all of them.

Harry Potter grew up making movies at 11!!

The gift shop is cool we got a wand for a friend.

We got to see the Knight bus but we can't go on it.  It has 3 floors!!

We got to drink Butter Beer. I liked it. My brother says it would be very popular if they made it a drink.

We got to sit in the flying car and we could make ourselves fly on not moving brooms.

We sat in a motorbike. I didn't know what it was.

Love Chrissy.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Good Song

Hi, I have a new really good song that I know most of the lyrics.

And it is one of my Dads crazy songs and my Dad says his Mom and Dad, my grandparents, liked Elvis from the 1900s.

I sing it a lot it is from Five For Fighting my Dad likes to sing 100 years from Five For Fighting.

Can you guess what the song is you may guess wrong or right it is The Riddle!!

Did you guess it??


Thursday, March 13, 2014


Hi, Stroopwaffles are Dutch cookies with caramel filling. My brother goes crazy over them and why because they are so good I didn't think my dad would like them but he did. We have a pack of 5 big ones in the cabinet right now !!! I bet my Dad we eat them my Dad has a big sweet tooth!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Castle My Brother And I Made!!

Hi, my brother and I made a castle. It is big but my brother made most of the castle, but John was most in charge of the castle so he made my pull it down and break it. I loved it I used the middle for thrones for my stuffed animals but not now it is gone I am so sad. John can make other things but they are not as cool as the castle was. He can make balls and bridges. But they are not as cool as the castle was either. We made it out of Zometool.

Friday, March 7, 2014

We Are Going To Amsterdam Tomorrow


Hi, I am going to Amsterdam tomorrow. I am so excited! I still have to pack. My mom has a bunch of things we are going to do in Amsterdam. We will leave tomorrow and go on a plane I love planes I only been on one twice so it is exciting. We are going to see the secret annex Ann Frank lived in. My mom is going to be working for 2 days but that doesn't matter There is a science museum for me and my brother.

I Went to Harrods!!

Harrods is a big department store. It has cars for kids!!! And the biggest toy Kingdom I ever saw. I didn't even see the whole thing. It has fancy doll carriages.And Lego statues of the Lego movie. Magic sets. And stuffed animals. Books, huge doll houses one like 4 story's high. Dress up stuff. There is a candy store but I did not see that. And lots of chocolate. My Dad says it is more for the extra-wealthy people and it is my favorite store I been to for a long time maybe my favorite place I been to in London.